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Grand Master Yoon started training very early in his life, Determined to stand up for himself and to teach others, the respect, courtesy. kindness and grace of taekwondo.

. After high school, he joined the Korean Army and was a Special Course Trainer of taekwondo. He later traveled to Vietnam and trained their militia of men, women, and children; thereafter returning to Korea for a year before proceeding to the United States, where he opened several schools in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and North Carolina. Since being in the U.S., Grand Master Yoon has bestowed black belts to thousands of deserving students.

Grand Master Yoon's highest ranking student, Grand Master Joe Fox, commented: “Grand Master Yoon inspired me and taught me discipline and conditioning of the mind, body, and spirit. I assisted him in running a studio in Durham, NC, and although times were difficult, he always managed to laugh and have a positive attitude. Over the years, it is that indomitable spirit that has been with him and that he passes down to his thousands of students.”

In 1988, Grand Master Yoon transported the Olympic Torch. This was a first in two ways—the first time that someone in a taekwondo uniform carried the torch, and the first time that the Olympics recognized taekwondo. Representing two countries and taekwondo, which is Grand Master Yoon's way of life, was an honor that is still talked about today.

A person’s heart and soul shine forth in the grace and courage of perfecting a skill, and in mastering the skills and styles of taekwondo, Grand Master Yoon has held many positions:

Vice President - PanAm Kukkiwon Grand Masters Federation

Vice-President – Korea Taekwondo Association in USA

Kukkiwon International Advisory Committee Member

President – Alabama State Taekwondo Association

Former President – World International Referee Association

Former Vice Chairman – National Training Committee of Taekwondo US Olympic Center

1998 – International Referee of the Year

1995 – US Head of Team in International Games, Osaka, Japan

1993 – World Championship Head of Judges at Madison Square Gardens, New York City

1992 – US Olympic Team Trial Head of Judges at US Olympic Center

1989–1993 – US Olympic Festival Official Staff

1988 – Selected to the US Olympic delegation to transport the Torch at the 24th Olympiad in Seoul (the first time in Olympics' history someone wore a taekwondo uniform while carrying the torch)

Some of Grand Master Yoon's many accomplishments at the national and international levels include:

Many years serving as the Alabama State Sport Festival Taekwondo Commissioner and Tournament Director

Inducted into the U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2006

Voted Taekwondo Grand Master of the Year for 2006 by his peers

Proclaimed April 29 as Grand Master Yoon Day, by the Mayor of Mobile

Numerous awards from the Korean Government, the International Olympics Committee, the States of Alabama and Georgia, and the City of Mobile

Appointed Honorary Deputy Sheriff

Raising awareness and funds for Muscular Dystrophy, March of Dimes, and The Women's and Children's Hospital of Mobile

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